6 Events Where You Should Integrate Custom Packaging

Giving back to people who attend an event is a sign of appreciation for them showing up. The contents of this package can vary based on what the event was about, and or it could even be personalized based on what the attendee likes. Packaging and appearance are almost equally as important as what’s inside, though. 

Packaging is a really interesting means of communication no matter what scenario, but even more so when used for extraordinary events. Attendees can form an impression based on custom event packaging that they receive from the organizers of the gathering too. They may think it’s pretty thoughtful, some might even learn more about your brand.

Here are four types of gatherings that you’ll surely want custom packaging at:


There are plenty of crowds at conventions, no matter the theme or type. Having fun and custom packaging for the ticket deliveries before the actual convention date can be fun, providing an opportunity to go viral.

On top of that, different giveaways and gift bags in custom packaging for select program winners at the convention can bring forth a better experience for the attendees. It will also make people look forward to next year’s packaging and whether it will be as extravagant as before. 

Work Conferences

Corporate events such as work conferences can still introduce custom packaging in the gift bags. In an event that mostly projects unity, having the giveaways wrapped in the colors of that same company and the logos branded on it can help with that image of consistency. Having well-done custom packaging can also show in the pictures taken and posted after to social media can also give a good impression. 

Brand Launch

A branch launch can be an exciting gathering to introduce a budding business and its revolutionary products. The absolute objective of having such launches is to increase brand awareness, which is easily done through Instagram-worthy custom packaging being given to attendants and influencers at the event who can help your PR. 

Exclusive Galas

Hosting a gala dinner with prestigious figures and VIPs can be a little intimidating, as it means paying attention and pouring effort into the smallest of detail. Custom packaging in the form of generous gift boxes can help act as a remembrance for the glamorous night from before and more.

Wedding Receptions

Whether it’s a big or intimate wedding, having a small thank you package for the attendees can help express the newly wedded couple’s gratitude at their attendance. This set of gifts can be personalized with names based on the guest list; a special exterior could also hold the gifts for closer family members who came to the reception.

Personal Parties

Private parties that celebrate a person getting engaged or even simple birthday milestones can be heartwarming events that many will remember for years to come. Custom packages for each unique friend who went to the party can be a small unexpected surprise that will warm their hearts as much as they’ve warmed yours with their presence.


Almost any event can use custom packaging when it comes to gifts, giveaways, handouts, promotion material, and more. And it’s even more important to remember that it isn’t necessary to splurge or to shell out a lot of money in order to bring joy and make attendees feel special.

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